Aang's Staff
Aang gliding merrily


Bending Weapon



Aang's staff is a support tool that Aang frequently used for assistance in airbending, the most notable example being to fly. He used two staffs, his original one which was handcrafted by the Air Nomad monks, and a new one created by the mechanist and his son Teo. He also incorporated it with his waterbending and earthbending.

Aang's original staffEdit

Aang with his original staff. Aang's original staff was a thin, long, wooden staff used by Aang not only as a weapon, but also as a tool to manipulate air currents with airbending. With the staff, he was able to send powerful blasts of air toward his enemies by triggering the smaller wing on the staff as a miniature fan. He could also use it as a glider, as it came with a pair of orange folding wings. It was hand-crafted by the monks of the Southern Air Temple. Aang was very attached to his staff, as he became angry when Toph used it as a nutcracker. Aang woke up several weeks following the fall of Ba Sing Se, afflicted from the injuries sustained by being shot in the back with lightning by Azula. Out of anger at his failure to defeat the Fire Nation princess at the Earth Kingdom capital, Aang took his glider to attack the Fire Nation head-on. Aang was not strong enough, and lost the glider at sea during a strong storm. Aang survived the storm, and was eventually found by his friends on Crescent Island, while the glider washed up on shore, damaged beyond repair. However, Aang knew that such a device would reveal his identity, and therefore he left it to burn in a nearby river of lava.