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Aang's second staffEdit

Aang was forced to journey into the Fire Nation without a staff up until the Day of Black Sun, the day in which the other nations would invade the Fire Nation. When the invasion force arrived from the Earth Kingdom, the mechanist, one of the gang's allies from earlier, created a brand new staff for Aang, which was thinner and fitted with blue folding wings and tail fin, and deployed its wings through spring-loaded mechanisms. A humorous, somewhat trivial feature was a built-in snack compartment, which would energize Aang during flight. Although he thought this extra feature was somewhat frivolous at first, he eventually discovered its use.[1] Aang put this staff into good use during the invasion, as it acted very much like his old glider, though he could not use the smaller wings to send a powerful blast of air as he could with his old staff. As of the end of the Hundred Year War it remained in Aang's possession. He notably did not use his glider in his battle against Ozai as he had left it back on Ember Island when he unconsciously traveled to the lion turtle. Katara used his staff to try to track down Aang.[ During the Harmony Restoration Movement, Aang used it to fly with Katara over Yu Dao's walls to avoid Fire Nation guards since people were allowed to enter only with Zuko's permission.